Peter Flom received his Ph.D. in Psychometrics in 1999 from
Fordham University, where he was a Presidential fellow. He was a
teaching assistant and later an adjunct professor while in graduate
school, and also consulted with students who were writing their
dissertations. Since graduating he has continued to consult with
Ph.D. candidates in the social sciences and many other fields, and
has assisted in writing grant applications in the fields of drug
abuse and HIV prevention. He is first author of more than 10
papers, and co-author on numerous others, and has presented
papers and given courses in many venues.

He specializes in working with students and professionals in the
social sciences, and in using SAS, S-Plus, and other programs to
create cogent analyses.

Specific statistical techniques he has used include not only the
standard methods such as regression, ANOVA, or logistic
regression, but also such lesser known methods as survival
analysis, cluster analysis, factor analysis, principal component
analysis, and multi-dimensional scaling.
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