I specialize in helping graduate students and researchers in the social
sciences, education and epidmiology with all aspects of statistical

If you are a graduate student taking a statistics class, I can help you
understand what your textbook and professor are saying. Tutoring is
available for individuals or small groups, and for a variety of courses.

If you are working on your thesis or dissertation, I can help you finish
faster, understand your results more fully, present them more clearly,
have fewer revisions, and be more confident during meetings with your
advisor and during your defense. Whatever stage you are at in the
process, consultation can help you.

If you are a researcher, I can help you formulate hypotheses, perform
analyses, and present results clearly. Many new and relatively
uncommon statistical techniques are available, and these may widen
the field of hypotheses you can investigate. Graphical techniques are
often misapplied, but, done correctly, they can summarize a great deal
of information in a single figure.

If you are submitting a grant, I can help you prepare a clear and cogent
data analysis section. I can also perform power analyses, as required
by many agencies. Working together, we can assure that the aims of
the project are properly addressed by the methods and analyses.
Peter Flom Consulting